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Getting Started

Welcome to STEM Village! Compliment your child’s STEM learning outside the K-8 classroom with Ontario curriculum supported learning tools and fun games, free with your Brampton Library card. Click here to register for a library card. 

How to Access

STEM Village can be accessed from any computer or mobile device through a web browser. 

Create your STEM Village accounts (Parent & Student):

  • Visit STEM Village in your web browser. 
  • Go to ‘Create an Account’ under Sign-In.
  • You will first need to create a Parent Account
    • Creating a Parent Account allows you to add Student Accounts, giving your child/children unlimited access to all content and features. With a Parent Account, you can also set custom rewards and track progress. 
    • Fill out the form with your name, email address, and a password (at least 5 characters long). Once you’re done, click ‘Sign Up’.
  • Type in your Library Card, then tap or click ‘Submit’ to continue.
  • Next, you can create a Student Account through the Parent Account dashboard. 
    • Under the Students tab, select ‘Add Student’ or the ‘+’ sign. 
    • Fill out the form with your child’s name, grade, and email (can be a parent’s email), then create a username and a password (at least 5 characters long). Select an avatar (note that this image will be used to identify your child’s profile). Once you’re done, click ‘Add Student’.
    • Repeat this step if you are adding additional children. You can add as many children as you like. We advise that you note your child’s username and password so that they can sign-in at their own convenience. 

How to Use 

Parent Accounts

    • Setting Rewards - Go to the ‘Rewards’ tab within a ‘Student Account, then select ‘Edit Rewards’. You can set up to three custom rewards (small, medium, and large) to help motivate your child. Select ‘Save’ once you are done, and note that you can always go back and edit these rewards. 

  • Viewing Learning Content - Pick a subject to see the types of lessons and practice tests available and designed for your child’s grade. Please note that you will need to be logged in under a Student Account to take lessons and practice tests. 
  • Math and Science are mapped to align with the Ontario curriculum.

    • Technology is for all ages, supporting a broader curriculum, and everyone starts at Level 1. 
    • Discovery contains a wide range of topics to show students the links between STEM and real-world applications. 

Student Accounts

Get Learning! - Search for a specific skill or topic you’d like to learn about, or browse by Subject. Select the ‘Start’ button to launch a lesson and learn or practice a skill with an educational video, website, or game. When you’re ready, put your skills to the test with the ‘Skill Test’.

Help & Support

Visit STEM Village’s Help Centre to learn more.

For further assistance, email STEM Village Support or Contact Us.

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