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Assistive technology and equipment

Brampton Library offers a range of assistive technology programs and equipment that are helpful to users with many types of accessibility needs.

picture of an adjustable workstation

Adjustable workstations
Adjustable workstations allow for height modifications not normally possible with a standard desk to provide specialized seating arrangements.

These are available at Four Corners and Chinguacousy branches.

Browse Aloud icon

BrowseAloud Plus
This web-based program reads website content out loud in a natural, engaging voice, helping website visitors who require online reading support as well as those who prefer to listen to information rather than read text. People with learning disabilities such as dyslexia or mild visual impairments as well as people who speak English as an additional language find BrowseAloud Plus particularly useful. New features include: Translator, Simplifier, Screen Masking for Touch Screens and the ability to personalize the settings to suit individual needs and preferences. Other features include: Dual-Colour Highlighting, Text Magnification, MP3 Maker, Secure Site Reading, PDF Reading, Pronunciation Modifier and International Languages.

BrowseAloud Plus is available on our website and at all Brampton Library branches.

Daisy Reader Kit: VictorReader Stratus

Daisy Reader Kit: VictorReader Stratus

Enjoy a great audio experience for books, music and more with the VictorReader Stratus. This compact and simple to use device features tactile, high-contrast keys, intuitive navigation features, high quality speech, and adjustable volume controls and playback speed. Brampton Library members can borrow a Daisy Reader kit for three weeks.

Available for loan at all branches.

picture of an expert trackball mouse

Expert Trackball mouse
This large trackball requires less fine motor control and allows for more accurate movements. Its large buttons make clicking easier.

Trackballs are available at Four Corners, Chinguacousy, Cyril Clark, Mount Pleasant Village, South Fletcher's, and Springdale.

magnus cards

Magnus Cards app
The MagnusCards app is a free accessibility tool designed to assist Brampton Library customers needing more personalized, step-by-step guidance to complete everyday library activities by themselves.

Click here for details and to download information.

picture of a large screen monitor

Large screen monitors
Large screen monitors allow for better zoom capability when using software such as ZoomText.

Available at Four Corners, South Fletcher's, and Chinguacousy.

picture of a large print keyboard

Large print keyboards
This keyboard offers bigger, bolder typeface, making the keys easier to see. Benefiting various kinds of disabilities, the large print keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience for users.

Available at Four Corners, Chinguacousy, Cyril Clark, Gore Meadows, Mount Pleasant Village, South Fletcher's and Springdale.

picture of a magnifying sheet in action

Magnifying sheets
Magnifying sheets are held directly above the surface to be magnified, which assists with enlarging the print and/or illustration size of reading materials.

Available at Four Corners, Chinguacousy, Gore Meadows, Mount Pleasant Village and Springdale.

picture of a victor reader classic

Victor Reader Classic
Simple to use, the Victor Reader Classic is ideal for all kinds of leisure reading, such as bestsellers, novels, and magazines. It offers basic navigation features that will allow you to use a table of contents, skip from section to section, or navigate from page to page.

Brampton Library owns two readers that customers can borrow for three weeks.

picture of a walker for the disabled and the elderly

A walker is a tool designed for persons with disabilities or older adults who need support to maintain balance or stability while walking.

Walkers are available at Cyril Clark, Chinguacousy, Four Corners, Gore Meadows, and South Fletcher's.

logo of the ZoomText program

ZoomText is a program that provides computer screen magnification for visually impaired users. This program also has the ability to speak to the user as they work.

Available at Four Corners, Chinguacousy, Cyril Clark, South Fletcher's and Springdale.

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