Printing and Wifi


How to print from a Chromebook, desktop computer, or personal laptop.

Click here to review the file formats supported.

Preferred method

  1. Open your web browser and

  2. Under the “Printer” drop-down list select the appropriate printer at the branch you are printing from.

  3. Under “Select Document’ either enter the URL of the online document you’d like to print, or upload a previously saved document by selecting the “Browse” button.                     

  4. Select the arrow button to proceed  

  5. Enter the number of copies you would like to print. If printing part of a document, enter the page range you would like to print.                                   

  6. Select the green “Printer” button to print

  7. After submitting your document a release code will be displayed

  8. Enter this code on the keypad located at the printer to release your documents    

Alternate method


How to connect to Wifi:

  1. Access the network/wireless connection settings for your laptop, phone or tablet. Select network “Brampton Public Library".
  2. Open your browser. The library's Internet Access Policy will appear. In some cases this will open automatically.
  3. After reading and accepting the Internet Access Policy, you will be connected to the Internet.


Need help? Ask a staff member.