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Canada's Heritage from 1844 -The Globe and Mail signin icon

Complete works of The Globe and Mail newspaper since its inception as The Globe in 1844. Every news story, photograph, map, advertisement, classified ad, political cartoon, birth and death notice, and more. 



Toronto Star - Pages of the Past signin icon

Every page of every newspaper since 1894 - the editorial and opinion articles, business pages, photos, advertisements, classified ads, political cartoons, obituaries, birth and marriage notices. Browse issues by date, or search the database by keyword(s) or phrase, as limited by date. 


worldbook earlypeoples World Book Early Peoples signin icon

Explore the history of such ancient cultures as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Native Americans, and Chinese, among others. Offers fascinating facts about the rise of each civilization or culture, social structure, religion and beliefs, advances in science and the arts, daily life, and the culture legacy in the modern world.